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went to senior prom last night with Katy, and it was great. she was beautiful beyond words and i don't think i told her that enough. but she'll read this, so maybe that's ok.
now for my horrible math analogy to compare it to junior prom last year (what are "u" gonna do about it?)

Parallels (m1 = m2)
didn't dance
went to Denny's after finding the afterprom sucked
an excess of humping on the part of the others
the food sucked

Perpendiculars (m1 = -1/m2)
had a date
played mancala \m/
had fun (God forbid)
drove there

so, yeah, i picked up Katy, her parents took pictures, went to my house, my parents took pictures, then we went to the prom where mancala was played, conversation about movies were had, and the wonderful game "Guess Who's Drunk" was played. we left a little early, went to her house to change into regular clothes, then we stopped by the afterprom, which sucked by definition. so we went to Denny's, had breakfast, and talked politics, religion, music, and anything else that popped into our heads. it was great to have a real converasation with someone and even better to occasionally disagree but still be polite about it. so i guess that's it.
o, and it took me until past 8 at night to update because, after i got home, i slept until 7 pm, then i showered and ate, so yeah.
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