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i had to get up for work this morning at 5 so i could be there at 6, and one of the workers wasn't there, most likely because she got the tax refund shit for having kids, so she's as good as fired. on Saturday, it was the last day for both Jenn and Suman; Jenn because she has college and Suman because he's going on vacation and he's getting back at the end of August and he can only work during the summer, so he just left. man, a lot of the seniors i know are going to college and next year, i will, too. it scares me. shitless. i mean, i'm totally terrified of the concept, and of the fact that i won't see a lot of my friends from school for a really long time, maybe never again. it's just depressing, so i have to make senior year really count, academically and socially. gotta get my shit together, tie up the loose ends of things i said i would do but was always too nervous to do. man, i'm so scared, and it makes me feel alone :(
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